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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Individual Methods for Enclosure Design
Astro-turf Pool Liner

The methods outlined in this section relate to features of enclosure construction and layout which may be used to enhance the living conditions of animals, including the use of shelter areas, vegetation, viewing platforms and climbing structures.

Astro-turf Pool Liner

Method Sides and base of concrete pools lined with astro-turf to reduce slipperiness and provide animals entering the pool with a better underfoot substrate.
Species Flamingo.
Purpose To prevent birds slipping on the sides of the pool, as these become lined with algae during the summer.
Pro Provides the birds with a dependable surface, which does not rot when exposed to water.
Con --
Improvements --
Comments When the pool is filled, the astro-turf gives it a more natural appearance than bare concrete.
Frequency of Use Constant.
Ratings Usefulness 10
Convenience 8
Value For Money 8
Range of Users 10
Contributed By Bird Section

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