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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Individual Methods for Enclosure Design
Hollow Log "Baskets"

The methods outlined in this section relate to features of enclosure construction and layout which may be used to enhance the living conditions of animals, including the use of shelter areas, vegetation, viewing platforms and climbing structures.

Hollow Log "Baskets"

Method The thick outer curl of bark from a section of cork wood, hung from the enclosure roof by ropes, reached by branches, or placed on the floor.
Species Arboreal Snakes, other Reptiles.
Purpose Provide a secure resting place that simulates the natural environment.
Pro --
Con Can be difficult to clean.
Improvements --
Comments Relatively expensive (cork bark).
Frequency of Use Constant.
Ratings Usefulness 9
Convenience 8
Value For Money 8
Range of Users 7
Contributed By Reptile Section

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