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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Individual Methods for Enclosure Design
Hollow Logs or Barrel

The methods outlined in this section relate to features of enclosure construction and layout which may be used to enhance the living conditions of animals, including the use of shelter areas, vegetation, viewing platforms and climbing structures.

Hollow Logs or Barrel

Method Placed on its side, secured to prevent it rolling around. A half-lid is used on barrels, so that the inside is sheltered though accessible.
Species Coati, Otter, Bush Dog, other small Carnivores, Persian Leopard.
Purpose Secure sleeping and shelter area, which can also be used as a lookout platform.
Pro Secure area to rest in, sheltered from the elements. The interior would resemble a small cave or hollow tree.
Con --
Improvements --
Comments --
Frequency of Use Constant.
Ratings Usefulness 10
Convenience 10
Value For Money 10
Range of Users 10
Contributed By Carnivore Section

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