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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Individual Methods for Enclosure Design
Nest Boxes

The methods outlined in this section relate to features of enclosure construction and layout which may be used to enhance the living conditions of animals, including the use of shelter areas, vegetation, viewing platforms and climbing structures.

Nest Boxes

Method Wooden boxes placed around the enclosures for birds to use to lay eggs in if desired.
Species Birds.
Purpose To provide a secure location to nest in that will not be disturbed by the presence of zoo visitors.
Pro Keepers can select the nest sites, which allows the nest to be monitored.
Con Birds do not always choose to lay eggs in the nest boxes.
Improvements Should have more nest boxes than breeding females, to allow them a choice of nest site.
Comments As vegetation in new enclosures becomes heavier, more birds, particularly ground nesting species, are choosing to nest in sheltered areas under the cover of bushes, which makes monitoring more difficult, but allows the birds the opportunity to select their nest site themselves.
Frequency of Use Constant.
Ratings Usefulness 9
Convenience 9
Value For Money 9
Range of Users 8
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