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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Individual Methods for Feeding Methods - Device
Astro-turf Boards

The feeding methods outlined in this section require prior preparation in terms of making devices for use by the animals, including items that must be opened or manipulated to obtain food, frames to hold food items, and containers that randomly release food such as insects.

Astro-turf Boards

Method Mealworms placed on the wooden board covered in astro-turf will burrow into the turf. The animal must search through the astro-turf to locate mealworms.
Species Most Monkeys, particularly White-faced Saki, Soft-billed Birds (for example, Mynahs and Thrushes).
Purpose Promote foraging through searching grass (or fur) for insects and grubs underneath.
Pro --
Con Astro-turf is too tough for Marmosets, Tamarins and Birds to forage through.
Improvements Have several boards in the enclosure, and put mealworms on a few of the boards at random, so that each will have to be checked without necessarily providing food.
Comments As an alternative to astro-turf, a board with a ridged surface can be used instead. This has been successful with birds.
Frequency of Use Every other Day.
Ratings Usefulness 8/10
Convenience 10/10
Value For Money 10/10
Range of Users 6/10
Contributed By Primate Section / Bird Section

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