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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Individual Methods for Feeding Methods - Device
Swinging Pear Tree

The feeding methods outlined in this section require prior preparation in terms of making devices for use by the animals, including items that must be opened or manipulated to obtain food, frames to hold food items, and containers that randomly release food such as insects.

Swinging Pear Tree

Method Thin log with a rope tied around centre, with rounded metal rods piercing the log. Food is impaled or placed on rods. As lizard tries to eat, the log swings away, and must be grasped to hold it steady.
Species Tortoises and Lizards.
Purpose Mobile food holder as a puzzle feeder for lizards.
Pro Allows feeding at a higher level (not just on the floor).
Con May clutter up the cage and reduce naturalistic look. Climbing species may use the rope to reach the roof.
Improvements For climbing species, mount the device on a side wall.
Comments As with ropes and branches, climbing species should be prevented from accessing the roof, where they may injure themselves.
Frequency of Use Twice per Week.
Ratings Usefulness 7
Convenience 7
Value For Money 10
Range of Users 4
Contributed By Reptile Section

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