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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Individual Methods for Feeding Methods - Practices
Brush Piles

The practices outlined in this section relate to methods of food presentation that do not require the use of special materials or devices. Scatter feeds, use of specific locations, and methods of ensuring that specific animals receive required medications and dietary supplements are dealt with.

Brush Piles

Method Loose bundles of twigs, logs or branches heaped together, under which can be placed food items.
Species Any ground foraging animal.
Purpose Used as foraging obstacle for scattered grains, vegetables and fruits.
Pro Requires the animal to spend time working to gain access to the food, and reduces the amount eaten by scavengers.
Con Unless food can be dropped into the brush-pile from the roof, must have access to the enclosure to put food under the brush-pile.
Improvements --
Comments --
Frequency of Use Four to Five Times per Week.
Ratings Usefulness 10/10
Convenience 9/7
Value For Money 10/10
Range of Users 8/7
Contributed By Bird Section / Hoof-Stock Section

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