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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Individual Methods for Feeding Methods - Practices
Whole Mammalian Carcass Feeds

The practices outlined in this section relate to methods of food presentation that do not require the use of special materials or devices. Scatter feeds, use of specific locations, and methods of ensuring that specific animals receive required medications and dietary supplements are dealt with.

Whole Mammalian Carcass Feeds

Method Whole carcass (including fur) of rodents, rabbits, portions of goat, horse, pig, etc. with bones and skin. Intestines should be removed before feeding, unless the carcass is extremely fresh.
Species Carnivores.
Purpose To provide for behavioural needs, and both oral and general health. A carcass in itself is a food puzzle, as the animal must figure out the best way to unwrap it, get the unwanted bits out of the way, and eat the desired parts.
Pro Natural foods, which promote the performance of natural feeding techniques. (See Law et al 1997).
Con The public may complain if they can see a ‘pet’ rabbit or similar animal being eaten, but with educational signs can be made to understand that carnivores eat other animals.
Improvements --
Comments Intestines must be removed from carcasses being frozen for storage, as bacteria continue to multiply in the guts after the outer surface has frozen. Dietary supplements can be given rubbed into the carcass. Bonemeal is not used at Edinburgh Zoo, due to the risk of BSE contamination. In group fed animals, dominants will select parts such as liver, leading to Ketosis from Vitamin A overdose in the long term.
Frequency of Use Once or Twice per Week.
Ratings Usefulness 10
Convenience 10
Value For Money 10
Range of Users 10
Contributed By Carnivore Section

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