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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the keeping staff at Edinburgh Zoo for their contributions and comments, without which this manual would be worthless. I would also like to thank members of staff who have since moved to other positions, the Research Co-ordinator, Dr Rob Young, the Section Moderator, David Field, and the Curator, Dr Miranda Stevenson. In particular, I would like to thank those staff who were of great personal assistance, making time available to discuss aspects of husbandry, providing papers and explanations of devices, and completing the assessment forms for each method.

Bird Section
  • Robert MacLeod (Head Keeper)
  • Angela Gemmell
  • Alison MacLean
  • Lorna McMonagle
  • Mandy Moir
  • Louise Mullen
  • Raymond Russell
  • Johnathon Stark
  • Roslin Talbot
  • Natalie Taylor
  • Rob Thomas
Carnivore Section
  • John Hanning (Head Keeper)
  • Louise Armstrong
  • Graham Calum
  • Karen Howlett
  • Jean Murray
  • Kathleen Murray
  • Caytriona Stephenson
Reptile Section
  • Edwin Blake (Head Keeper)
  • Douglas Sherriff
  • Tim Skelton
  • Georgina Whitten
Hoof-Stock Section
  • Karen Stiven (Head Keeper)
  • Ian Bolan
  • Toby Jackson
  • Darren McGarry
  • Lisa Miller
  • Colin Oulton
  • Debbie Roddis
  • Kathleen Standen
  • Brian Thomson
Primate Section
  • Graham Catlow (Head Keeper)
  • Lesley Dickie
  • David Hatton
  • Marina Kenyon
  • Fiona McIntyre
  • Lesley Nicholl
  • Charlotte O’Sullivan

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