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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Terminology of Evaluation Forms

Each method is detailed separately, and keepers have commented on the practicality and value of the method. The following categories were used:

Individual Enrichment Techniques - Name of the Method

Method A brief description of the design (size, location), and implementation.
Species The species or groups (for example, all monkeys) that the device has been used with. The evaluations of the device are based on the animals mentioned in this section.
Purpose The reason for using the method, for example, to provide exercise or novel stimuli, or encourage natural behaviour.
Pro Any notable good points about the method, including animals with which the device works well, or aspects of husbandry that make the method particularly good.
Con Any notable bad points about the method, including possible dangers or husbandry problems.
Improvements Ways the method may work better, for example, by varying location or presentation, or alternative designs.
Comments Any additional information that may be of use, based upon practical experience of the method.
Frequency of Use How often the method is in use, for example, constant features, or used daily or once per week, or used constantly for a month then not used for a month.
Ratings Methods rated out of 10 (High - Good) for four categories. If different sections (birds, reptiles, etc.) use a method, separate ratings are given in order of (Contributed By - see below on this table).
  Usefulness How well the method achieves the purpose it is used for.
Convenience How easy the method is to use from the point of view of being time consuming or awkward for keepers.
Value For Money In terms of how much it cost to make or maintain, is the device a good investment and success with the animals.
Range of Users Proportion of animals using method. If used by a single animal in a group, may rate 1; if most use the device, may rate 6-7. If all animals of all species listed use the device, would rate a 10.
Contributed By The section or sections providing information about the method are detailed here. If the method varies between sections, each is dealt with separately. A list of individuals who contributed to each section is available in the Acknowledgements section.

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