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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Manipulatory & Play Objects

The methods outlined in this section relate to the use of both artificial and natural substrates and items for physical and mental stimulation, including floating toys, nesting materials and posts for claw scraping and scratching to relieve skin irritations.


Method Used as play and display items. All buttons, zips, and other potentially harmful adornments should be removed before giving the item to the animal.
Species Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Monkeys.
Purpose Manipulatory objects with variable textures and smells.
Pro Can usually get donations of old clothes from visitors.
Con Wear out quickly.
Improvements Can tie food up in clothes or sheets.
Comments Popular with most chimpanzees. Items such as scarves, socks and Wellington boots are particularly liked. Gorillas often use the clothes to line nests.
Frequency of Use As available, though must use novel items frequently.
Ratings Usefulness 10
Convenience 10
Value For Money 10
Range of Users 8
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