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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Manipulatory & Play Objects
Swinging Scratching Post

The methods outlined in this section relate to the use of both artificial and natural substrates and items for physical and mental stimulation, including floating toys, nesting materials and posts for claw scraping and scratching to relieve skin irritations.

Swinging Scratching Post

Method A log hung from the indoor enclosure roof by a chain, which will swing freely unless grasped with both paws.
Species Lion, Tiger, Leopard, any other carnivores.
Purpose Mobile scratching post requiring good co-ordination and balance. The post enables claws to be kept in good condition. Clawing at a heavy mobile object is also good exercise and may improve muscle tone.
Pro --
Con --
Improvements --
Comments The male lion at Edinburgh Zoo often strikes the swinging post hard and pounces at it while it is moving. The female lion tends to concentrate on logs on the ground, ignoring the swinging log.
Frequency of Use Constant.
Ratings Usefulness 10
Convenience 9
Value For Money 10
Range of Users 8
Contributed By Carnivore Section

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