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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Sensory Stimulation
Playback of Territorial Calls

The methods outlined in this section relate to stimulation by means of sensory inputs, including the use of sounds, smells, temperature differences and movement.

Playback of Territorial Calls

Method Recorded calls of territorial species played to groups in the zoo, evoking territorial displays and calls.
Species Most territorial Primates, for example, Siamang Gibbon, Diana Monkey.
Purpose Promote group cohesion and stimulate species-specific behaviours in response to intruding rivals.
Pro --
Con Potentially stressful to have unseen rivals calling from nearby and never backing down.
Improvements To elicit full behavioural responses, tape should be played from out of sight of the enclosure, ideally from behind trees.
Comments Should not be used too frequently, to prevent habituation. Siamang Gibbons observed to react less strongly when they can see a tape recorder nearby emitting the sounds.
Frequency of Use Once per Month at most.
Ratings Usefulness 5
Convenience 4
Value For Money 5
Range of Users 3
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