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The Environmental Husbandry Manual
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Sensory Stimulation

The methods outlined in this section relate to stimulation by means of sensory inputs, including the use of sounds, smells, temperature differences and movement.


Method Sprayed on novel objects, or in areas around the enclosure.
Species Ring-tailed Lemur, Primates, Cats.
Purpose Stimulate natural scent-marking behaviour, and interest in novel scents.
Pro --
Con --
Improvements Watering down perfume reduces the strength and makes it last longer.
Comments Must only be used infrequently (less than once per week) to prevent habituation. Makes prep-room stink of perfume.
Frequency of Use Once per Month.
Ratings Usefulness 5/10
Convenience 5/10
Value For Money 5/10
Range of Users 5/10
Contributed By Primate Section / Carnivore Section

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