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BDMLR - Marine Mammal Medic Handbook
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2nd Edition

Written, compiled and edited by James Barnett BSc (Hons) BVSc MRCVS, Alan Knight BSc (Hons) and Mark Stevens BEd (Hons)

This handbook is designed to give the reader an in depth knowledge of the rescue procedures that should be brought into play when attempting to rescue a cetacean or seal.

It should be used in conjunction with the training programme run by BDMLR (a member of the Marine Animal Rescue Coalition). When completed, trained personnel are awarded a BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic Badge, which is recognised by many of the major animal welfare and rescue organisations in the U.K.

All material contained in this manual is copyrighted to BDMLR and may not be copied without written consent.

The first ever successful rescue in the UK involving the pontoon system involved a minke whale in Liverpool during 1998 (Picture: Mercury Press).
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