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We provide the full suite of training for young entrants, farmers, rural entrepreneurs and executives/operatives in the food industry.

  • Nationally certified Certificate and Diploma courses for young people interested in careers as farmers, horticulturists, foresters, horse breeders and in a wide range of employment in the agri-food industry.
  • Advanced and updating courses for farmers on every aspect of their business.
  • Comprehensive training for rural entrepreneurs on establishing and managing farm and rural-based supplementary enterprises.
  • Training for food industry personnel in food safety, quality, process and product development.

We have a resource of over 200 teachers and trainers operating from 14 colleges, 45 local training centres and research centres. More than 10,000 people attend our training courses each year.

Advisory Services

Teagasc advisory services are in contact with some 70,000 farmers and rural dwellers each year. Teagasc provides professional advisory, planning and consultancy services to over 40,000 clients annually. Some 500 advisers and specialists help farmers maximise profit through applying the latest results from the Teagasc research programme, making full use of the EU and National income support measures and fully utilising all opportunities for development.

Teagasc works closely with a large number of food processors on joint development programmes whose aims are to improve efficiency and quality together with providing food safety assurance to consumers.

Teagasc advisory services are funded from a National Government grant, from EU Structural Funds and from client fees. This three way partnership ensures that it can focus its activities on issues of importance both to individual clients and to the community at large.

While many advisory services are tailored to the needs of individual clients Teagasc produces regular newsletters for all important enterprises.


Teagasc is the leading organisation in the fields of agriculture and food research in Ireland.

Our annual research portfolio comprises some 300 research projects, carried out by 200 scientists in nine research centres.

The key objectives of the programme are to:

  • Provide a strong scientific basis for competitive and sustainable primary production.
  • Underpin product innovation and ensure safety and nutritional attributes of food.
  • Support the development and assessment of national and international policies in relation to the agri-food industry and rural communities.

For details of our Research Programme 2001 click here.

We collaborate extensively with our colleagues in Irish universities. Our post-graduate fellowship programme, which supports more than 100 M.Sc. and Ph.D students annually in our research centres, enhances this collaboration.

We participate extensively in EU Framework Programmes and we have developed bilateral agreements with research organisations in Europe, the USA and New Zealand.

End of Project Reports

Since 1998, end of project reports are published by Teagasc in respect of all completed major research projects. These reports are designed to ensure a more effective transfer of new research information to the Teagasc advisory and training services and to key end users in the agriculture, food and rural development sectors. For a full listing of current end of project reports, click here.

International Journal

Teagasc scientists publish the results of their research in international scientific journals and in Teagasc's own peer-reviewed journal, Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, which is published twice yearly.

For full information on the Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, including editorial board, instructions to authors, latest contents and how to subscribe, click here.

Dates Referenced May 2001
Contact Details Head Office:

Teagasc, 19 Sandymount Avenue, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.
Tel: +353 1 6376000, Fax: +353 1 6688023.

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Director: Dr Liam Downey ldowney@hq.teagasc.ie

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