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Organisation Reference Department of Health
Wildpro Referenced Responsibilities:- Conventions, Legislation, Codes of Conduct, Manuals --

The information below is taken directly from the website and details the overall aim of the Department of Health of the UK Government:

What we do

The overall aim of the Department of Health is to improve the health and well-being of people in England.

That means protecting and improving the nation’s health and ensuring that our health and social services are:

  • high quality
  • fast
  • fair
  • convenient 
Dates Referenced May 2001
Contact Details The information below is taken directly from the website

"How to contact us

If you have any enquiries about the Department, but are unsure about who to contact, you can call our Public Enquiry Office who will help put you through to the right people.

  • Tel: 020 7210 4850 (line open from 10.00 to 12.30 and 14.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday)
  • For people with impaired hearing, our minicom number is 0207 210 5025.
  • You can email us at dhmail@doh.gsi
  • You can write to us at the address below. You can also use this address if you want to write to one of our ministers.

    The Department of Health
    Richmond House
    SW1A 2NL"

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Specific References (Please note - website addresses change frequently and all references are dated accordingly. If hyperlinks are no longer active, please inform us)

Reference Section of Website Specific Website link
W40.31May01.sib1 Foot and Mouth Disease http://www.doh.gov.uk/fmdguidance/
W40.31May01.sib2 Measures to Reduce Risk to Public Health From Slaughter and Disposal of Animals - Further Guidance http://www.doh.gov.uk/fmdguidance/fmdsummary.pdf
W40.31May01.sib3 Foot and Mouth - Effects on Health of Emissions from Pyres Used for Disposal of Animals http://www.doh.gov.uk/fmdguidance/pyrereport.pdf

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