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Organisation Reference British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR)
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This information has been taken directly from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue Website:

BDMLR was formed in 1988 in response to the mass mortality of Harbour seals in the Wash area of East Anglia.

From these early beginnings, when a few like minded divers got together to help marine wildlife, a committed 24 hr rescue service has grown. BDMLR now train over 300 Marine Mammal Medics a year and have 15 whale rescue pontoons located at strategic points throughout the UK waiting to help stranded whales and dolphins.

We have three Rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) one in the South of England, one in the Midlands and one in the far North of Scotland.

Our teams are on standby to respond immediately to any marine disaster or marine mammal stranding anywhere in the UK. Our rescue RIBs can be on site anywhere in the UK within 24hrs.

Details of the locations of BDMLR rescue equipment are available on the Website along with membership information. Information regarding forthcoming Marine Mammal Medic courses and their venues around the UK are also available.

BDMLR are proud of the fact that they are an entirely voluntary organisation

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Contact details

9 Ingram Road,
Gillingham, Kent,

Tel/Fax. 01634 281680


If you are a registered veterinarian and you require detailed information regarding a marine mammal our vets will be pleased to help.

You may contact our vet Mr James Barnett BVSc MRCVS on:
E-mail James@bdmlr.org.uk
or mobile phone: 07703 855399

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