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The Cornish Chough, Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax,is a rare and unusual member of the crow family. It is distinguished by its striking red feet and curved beak, and its rasping call. Although it is the National Bird of Cornwall, and appears on many official crests and coats of arms, it was last seen in Cornwall in 1973.

The Chough has only been bred in captivity in Cornwall by Paradise Park, and cannot be seen anywhere else in the Duchy. In the late 1980s we collaborated with other organisations and individual conservationists to form 'Operation Chough'. This has been funded mostly by Paradise Park, and this included financing a three-year research project conducted by Dr. Richard Meyer. His thesis helped to solve the mystery of the Chough's disappearance, and we are getting closer each year to being able to reintroduce this important bird to the Cornish cliffs where it belongs. 

Dates Referenced August 2001
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