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The Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU) is a small, non-profit organisation dedicated to the understanding, welfare, conservation and protection of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) and their environment in Scotland, through scientific investigation, education, and the provision of efficient, professional assistance to sick, stranded and injured individuals.


Since 1997, volunteers and students have assisted the group’s marine biologists in the collection of data fundamental to our current knowledge of the distribution and status of these animals in NE Scotland and the outer Moray Firth.

Primary concentration is of an individually-identified population of bottlenose dolphins that spend a large proportion of their year in the rich, coastal waters of the outer southern Moray Firth, and a sub-population of minke whales which inhabit particular coastal areas along the north-east coastline during the summer and autumn months.


As long-lived mammals with low reproductive rates, clear assessments of the status of cetacean populations in our UK waters require long term and on-going studies. Today we no longer have the luxury of studying whales and dolphins just to learn more about them. Now, we must learn more about them simply to protect them. In this respect, our current studies aim to provide information essential for the development and implementation of effective conservation strategies to protect these magnificent creatures and the marine environment in which they live.


With an emphasis on the whales and dolphins found in local coastal waters, the CRRU’s educational activities seek to encourage a wider understanding and awareness of the marine environment, the species that live there and the potential threats these animals face. The sheer size of the large baleen whales is enough to make most people gasp in wonder. Cetaceans are therefore excellent ambassadors for educating people of all ages and backgrounds of the need to protect our oceans and respect the life within them.


Affiliated with the UK Marine Animal Rescue Coalition, and providing training in marine mammal rescue techniques for volunteers in an exclusive collaboration with the British Divers Marine Life Rescue group (BDMLR), the CRRU operates the only full-time, specialist whale and dolphin rescue team in Scotland.

Each year, 60% of the whales and dolphins that live strand around Britain’s coastlines are in Scotland. Of these, 40% are successfully returned to the sea, but often animals that are injured or suffering beach themselves in difficult to reach areas and in often extreme conditions. In such cases, speed of response and accessibility to a beached animal are perhaps the most crucial factors in providing it with the best chance of survival. A whale or dolphin stranding is an emergency, but, it is interesting to note that there is no funding or advice available from the Government for the rescue of cetaceans in the UK – this "voluntary" area of our work is entirely dependent upon public support.

Affiliated with the Greystoke Foundation
Registered Scottish Charity SC 028400

Representatives of the UK Marine Animal Rescue Coalition

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Cetacean Research (& Rescue) Unit (CRRU)
P.O. Box 11307
AB45 3WB

TEL/FAX (44) 1261 851696
EMERG (44) 7786 925401

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