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Sea Watch Foundation is a national marine environmental research charity (No. 1013002), established in 1991 to achieve better conservation of whales and dolphins in the seas around Britain and Ireland by involving the public in scientific monitoring of populations and the threats they face, and by the regular production of material to educate, inform and lobby for better environmental protection. It has a unique partnership between scientists and members of the public forming the National Observer Network currently comprising around 2,000 volunteers and consisting of anyone who spends time either in a professional capacity or for recreation besides the sea.

Sea Watch has 35 Regional Groups in Britain and Northern Ireland, and its partner, the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group, has established 19 Regional Groups throughout the Republic of Ireland. The Regional Groups co-ordinate the activities of the public on a local basis, and are seen as a major way forward in involving the public.

Anyone with an interest in whales, dolphins and porpoises in UK waters can participate in Sea Watch activities, particularly its volunteer observer network. For training aids and other information, including a regularly updated review of recent sightings on a regional basis, consult Sea Watch's web-site.

Dates Referenced August 2001
Contact Details

Contact the Director, Dr Peter Evans or Programme Manager, Mr Nathan Gricks.

Sea Watch Foundation
11 Jersey Road

Tel: 01865 717276

Fax: 01865 426281


 Regional contacts are:

1 Shetland
Paul Fisher: 01595-890371; <paulr.fisher@zetnet.co.uk>

Paul Harvey: 01595-693345; <sbrc@zetnet.co.uk>

2 Orkney/N Scotland (Cape Wrath - Duncansby Head) Highland,

Lesley Carrie: 01856-761891; <orkney_cetaceans@hotmail.com>

Chris Booth: 01856-872883; <Boothronas@aol.com>

3 NE Scotland incl. Moray Firth (Duncansby Head - Kessock/Inverness Highland
Iain Andrew Macdonald: 01408-634171

4 N Grampian (Kessock - Peterhead) Grampian
Lyn & Peter Macdonald: 01542-833867; <tumblerfins@care4free.net>

5 S Grampian (Peterhead - Arbroath) Grampian
Karen Stockin: 01283-539501/07899-7781173; <Karen.stockin@biscay-dolphin.org.uk>

6 E Scotland (Arbroath - Berwick upon Tweed) Fife, Tayside, Lothian, Borders
Ian Cumming: 11 Canongate, St Andrews KY16 8RT

7-9 NE England (Berwick upon Tweed - Spurn Head) Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Durham, Cleveland, N. Yorks, Humberside
Andy Taitt: 01912-964907/0142-6254907

Judy Foster-Smith: 0191-2524850

Hilary Edwards: <hilary.j.e@talk21.com>

10-13 SE England (Spurn Head - Thames River mouth) Lincs, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex

Tony Douglas: 01376-513306/0795-1367219; <tonyd@porp.freeserve.co.uk>

14 North Kent (Thames River mouth - Margate) Kent
Lee Dingain: <ldingain@hotmail.com>

15 East Kent (Margate - Dungeness) Kent
David Walker: 01679-21309

16 a East Sussex (Dungeness - Peacehaven) East Sussex
Dave Rowlinson: 01323-487857; <david.rowli@virgin.net>

16 b Central Sussex (Peacehaven - Worthing) East Sussex
Steve Savage: 01273-424339; <allsavs@aol.com>

17 & 18 West Sussex/Hants (Worthing - Christchurch) West Sussex, Hants,
Andy Williams: 01705-552631; <Andy.Williams@biscay-dolphin.org.uk>

19 Dorset (Christchurch - Lyme Regis)
Cathy Owen, 01929-421111; <CathrynDMP@aol.com>

20 & 23 Devon & 21 Cornwall
Colin Speedie: 01326-373360/01872-863267; mobile 0836-746197; <colin.speedie@btinternet.com>

21 Cornwall

Nick Tregenza: 01736-711783; <nick@chelonia.demon.co.uk>

22 Channel Islands
Keith Pyman; <Keith.pyman@jerseymail.co.uk>; <k.a.pyman@cinergy.co.uk>
Jo Le Marquand: <Jsyedu177@localdial.com>

24 Bristol Channel (Watchet - Milford Haven) Devon, Somerset, Avon, Glos, Gwent, S., Mid, & W. Glamorgan, Dyfed

Stewart Mason: 01179-683084

25 & 26 West Wales (Milford Haven - Anglesey) Dyfed, Gwynedd
Mick Baines: 01348-811545/0797-468-3264; <MickBaines@compuserve.com>

27 & 28 NW England & NE Wales (Anglesey - The Border nr. Dumfries) Gwynedd, Clwyd, Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancs, Cumbria

Norman Hammond: 016973-20440; <Nature.cons@virgin.net>

Roy Armstrong: 016973-51952

29 Isle of Man Cumbria,

Ken Watterson: 01624-801207

Port Erin Marine Lab: 01624-832027

30 & 31 SW Scotland (Border - Mull of Kintyre) Dumfries & Galloway, Strathclyde
Dr Chris Parsons: 01688-302620; <hwdt@sol.co.uk>

32 Inner Hebrides (Mull of Kintyre - Mallaig) Highland
Dr Chris Parsons: 01688-302620; <hwdt@sol.co.uk>

33 NW Scotland (Mallaig - Cape Wrath) Highland
Ian Birks: 01445-712326; <porpoiseG@aol.com>

34 Outer Hebrides Western Isles
Jane Twelves: 01851-705258 ; <jane@salar.co.uk>

35 N Ireland Fermanagh, Tyrone, Londonderry, Antrim, Down, Armagh
Andy Upton: 01232-381251; <aj_upton@hotmail.com>

36 Republic of Ireland

Padraig Whooley: 021-4897312; padwhorca@hotmail.com

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