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The UK Marine Mammal Strandings Project was initiated in 1990 to investigate the diseases and causes of death of stranded whales, dolphins, porpoises (cetaceans) and seals in UK waters. In 2000 marine turtles stranded in the UK were included within the project remit. The project is funded by the Department of the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs and involves scientists and veterinarians from a network of organisations including the Institute of Zoology (Zoological Society of London), Scottish Agricultural College Inverness, and the Natural History Museum. The project also forms a key role in the United Kingdom`s commitment to a number of international conservation agreements. Wherever possible, carcasses of stranded marine mammals (predominantly harbour porpoises and common dolphins) are collected throughout the UK and undergo extensive and systematic postmortem examinations. Tissue samples are taken for a number of studies including tests for bacteria, viruses and pollutants and many are archived for future research. The results of these analyses are stored in a central database that currently holds data on over 800 individual cetaceans. The findings of the UK Marine Mammal Strandings Project are regularly reported to the UK Government and within the scientific literature.

Dates Referenced August 2001
Contact Details
Reporting of dead cetacean strandings in the UK

Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 5BD

Tel (cetacean strandings line): 020 7942 5155

Email: rcs@nhm.ac.uk

Reporting of dead seal and turtles in England

Institute of Zoology
Regent`s Park

Tel: 020 7449 6691

Email: paul.jepson@ioz.ac.uk

Reporting of dead seals, cetaceans and turtles in Scotland

Wildlife Unit
SAC Veterinary Science Division (Inverness)
Stratherrick Road

Tel: 01463 243030
Fax: 01463 711103

Email: WildlifeUnit@ed.sac.ac.uk

Reporting of dead seals, cetaceans and turtles in Wales

Marine Environmental Monitoring
SA43 2PS

Tel: 01348 875000 

Live Strandings

All live stranded cetaceans (dolphins, whales and porpoises) and any sick/distressed seals should be reported to the RSPCA on the 24hr emergency hotline: 0870 5555 999.

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