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All about the NFBG

The National Federation of Badger Groups (NFBG) is the only organisation solely dedicated to protecting badgers in the UK. We represent 80 committed and active local badger groups and provide sound scientific advice on all badger issues.

  • We work in partnership with Police Wildlife Officers and the RSPCA to prosecute people who harm badgers. We keep a national database on all incidents of badger persecution, to enable us to monitor the problem and campaign for better protection for badgers.
  • We are campaigning for a ban on all snares. Many badgers die in snares, which cause terrible pain and suffering.
  • Badger groups rescue injured badgers and release them once fully recovered. We work with local councils to erect road signs at badger crossing points. We also advise the Government on reducing badger fatalities on new roads.
  • We coordinate the responsible rehabilitation and release of orphaned badger cubs. Adult badgers are also rehabilitated following road accidents or injuries suffered in snares.
  • We provide advice to planning authorities, developers and the public on reducing the impact of development on badgers.
  • We are working with other organisations to encourage the Government to find sustainable solutions to bovine TB in cattle, which do not involve killing wildlife.
  • We produce a range of fact sheets, guidelines, reports and other information on badger issues, including badgers and the law, badger persecution, bovine TB in cattle, badger rehabilitation, artificial sett-design, road and housing development, badger watching and badgers in gardens. Most information is on the NFBG web site or can be obtained from the NFBG office.
Dates Referenced August 2001
Contact Details

Dr Elaine King
The Executive Officer
15 Cloisters Business Centre
8 Battersea Park Road
W8 4BG.

Tel: 020 7498 3220

Fax: 020 7627 4212
Contact NFBG Badger Groups

An interactive map providing contact details for Badger Groups around the country, can be viewed on the NFBG web site at www.nfbg.org.uk

Badger Group contact details can also be obtained from the NFBG as above.

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