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Animal Welfare Consultant

Specialising in humane urban wildlife deterrence
This is a humane deterrence service for individuals, companies and organisations who are being troubled by urban wildlife but wish for the problem to be resolved without harming the culprits. Whether the nuisance is being caused by mammals such as foxes, squirrels or rabbits, or birds such as pigeons or herons, or rodents such as rats and mice, or even badgers, there is always an answer.

Common complaints include foxes digging and/or living under garden sheds; foxes digging up garden lawns, flower beds or sports fields; foxes fouling in gardens and school playgrounds; squirrels moving into lofts of houses and making nests; and rats and mice entering houses and gnawing on electrical wiring or noisily scampering behind skirting boards.

It is virtually certain that, by drawing on knowledge of the species and its behaviour and by using non-harmful methods of deterrence, the nuisance being suffered can be prevented or, at the very least, significantly reduced. This professional service is less expensive than that offered by conventional "pest control" companies and, above all, causes no physical harm to the animals or birds involved.

Details of the service and charging systems are available on the Website.

Dates Referenced August 2001
Contact Details Mr John Bryant
23 Tormount Road
Plumstead Common
London SE18 1QD
Tel: 0208 316 7852
Mob: 07770 788566
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