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The IBR was set up in 1994 by Jenny Wray (at the request of fellow falconers) following de-registration by the DEFRA of certain non-indigenous birds of prey. The main purpose was to ensure that lost / found birds may be reunited with their owners efficiently.

To that end it seemed only sensible to start issuing rings that could be traced. The rings carry a unique bird identification number and a national telephone number where contact could be made at any time to speed up the process of reuniting lost birds.

The ringing of Annex A birds as a form of identification is a legal requirement if the birds are to be sold or used for commercial purposes in any other way (displays, breeding etc). IBR closed rings were designed to comply with UK legislation and are therefore accepted by the DEFRA as a means of permanent marking. Even if your bird had been rung previously it can still be fitted with an IBR split ring for ease of identification.

Since its conception in 1994 the IBR has grown in strength, listed here are some of the milestones achieved;

1998: The first Falconry Directory was produced. Now regarded as the Falconer's Yellow Pages or the Falconer's Bible.

2001: Saw the 1,000th bird reunited.

2004: Jenny hung up her glove and passed the leash over to Neil and Juliana Fowler.

2004: The 2,000th bird was reunited and the database saw the 45,000th bird entry.

2005: Falconry Directory No. 8 was published - now with a circulation of over 3,500.

2006: The new Website was launched and the 3,000th bird was reunited.

2007: Saw ring number 60,000 issued, the 14,000th member and the 10th Directory produced.

2008: The website saw its 2 millionth visit in one year.
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