Adiaspiromycosis in Hedgehogs

Summary Information
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Alternative Names
  • Haplomycosis. (B58.37.w37)
Disease Agents
  • Emmonsia crescens (J18.38.w1, J149.26.w1, P17.24.w4, B58.37.w37) (= Chrysoporium parvum var. crescens). (B21)
  • Emmonsia parva (P17.24.w4, B58.37.w37) (= Chrysoporium parvum var. parvum). (B21)
Infectious Agent(s)
Non-infectious Agent(s) --
Physical Agent(s) --
General Description A self-limiting infection which may be seen in humans, rodents, dogs and various wild mammals. (B21); a fungal infection described in many small mammals. (B58.37.w37)
  • Usually an incidental finding during histopathological examination. (B21)
  • Infection is presumed to result from inhalation of the 2-4 Ám diameter fungal conidia (from the mycelium growing in the soil), with each inhaled spore giving rise to a single spherule lesion (adiaspore), reaching up to 14 Ám (P17.24.w4) or 40 Ám (B21) with Emmonia parva but up to 400 Ám (B21) or 500 Ám (P17.24.w4) with Emmonsia crescens. (B21, P17.24.w4)
  • The expanding spherules may cause little lung tissue reaction however adjacent alveoli may be collapsed as the lesion expands and infiltration and epithelialisation of the surrounding tissues may occur. (P17.24.w4)
  • Natural infection is limited to the lungs. (B58.37.w37)
Zoonosis: Cases of infection in humans have been described. (B21, B58.37.w37)

Gross pathology: 

In Hedgehogs:

  • Lungs: 
    • Nodular lesions described. (J18.38.w1)
    • Spherules present in three of nine individuals. The lesions were present in sufficiently large numbers in two individuals that it was considered that "the lung function must have been severely impaired." (P17.24.w4)
Further Information
  • Recorded in hedgehogs in the UK. (P17.24.w4)
  • Confirmed in two cases in hedgehogs in the UK. (J35.121.w1)
  • Emmonsia crescens was isolated from Erinaceus europaeus living on or near farms in the Trebon Basin, Czechoslovakia. (J149.26.w1)
  • Emmonsia crescens has been isolated from lung nodules of wild hedgehogs Erinaceus europaeus in England. (J18.38.w1)
  • Emmonsia crescens has been isolated from the lungs of Erinaceus europaeus from two locations in the Czech Socialist Republic. (J119.18.w1)
  • Adiaspiromycosis was reported from 3/9 hedgehogs Erinaceus europaeus examined in the UK. (P17.24.w4)
  • Infection has been reported in about 50 small mammal species, mainly burrowing animals. (P17.24.w4)
    • Common in moles (J35.121.w1)
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