Autoimmune Skin Disease In Rabbits

Summary Information
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Disease Agents
  • Autoimmune reaction. (B606.4.w4)
Infectious Agent(s) --
Non-infectious Agent(s) --
Physical Agent(s) --
General Description This condition is reported to present as facial skin lesions that are similar to pemphigus. (B606.4.w4)
  • "Pemphigus foliaceus is more common in dogs than in cats and horses but is still an uncommon disease. It is characterized clinically by erosions, ulcerations, and thick encrustations of the skin and mucocutaneous junctions." (B283)
Clinical signs
  • The lesions found in rabbits are predominately found around the face, nose, chin and lips. (B606.4.w4)
Further Information
  • Other causes of skin disease (e.g. bacterial, parasitic, etc.) must be first ruled out by carrying out a full clinical examination and investigation.
  • Prednisolone at an initial dose of 2 mg/kg once daily and then if a response is seen, this dose can be reduced. (B606.4.w4)
    • Note: great care should be taken when administering corticosteroids to rabbits due to their immunosuppresive and hepatotoxic effects. (V.w128)
Associated Techniques
Host taxa groups /species
Disease Author Nikki Fox BVSc MRCVS (V.w103)
Referees Anna Meredith MA VetMB CertLAS DZooMed (Mammalian) MRCVS (V.w128); Richard Saunders BVSc BSc CertZooMed MRCVS (V.w121)

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