Cervical Cysts in Elephants and Bears

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General Description
In Elephants
In Bears
  • Within the cervical wall, fluid-filled structures (cervical cysts), detected by transrectal ultrasonography in six of 17 female Helarctos malayanus - Sun bear from Europe and Thailand. (P1.2006.w1)
    • In one individual, cystic alterations were sufficient that it was not possible to identify the physiologic structure of the uterine cervix.
    • No abnormalities were noted for the uterus or ovaries. 
    • All affected bears were known (four bears) or probably (two bears) nulliparous.


Further Information
In Bears
  • In one bear, surgical removal of large cysts was attempted. Examination two years later revealed recurrence of the condition. (P1.2006.w1)
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