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Editorial Summary (Editorial Overview Text Replicated on Overall Disease page - CWD of Deer and Elk)
  • Development of vaccines against TSEs is problematic as there is no known immune response to infection in normal animals. At present no vaccines are available against CWD.
  • The recent finding of an antibody specific for the pathological form of PrP may lead to the development of vaccines in the future.

Limited data on other TSE diseases is provided in literature reports below the information on CWD. Information on these diseases within the "Chronic Wasting Disease of Deer and Elk" volume of Wildpro is provided for comparative purposes and is not intended to be comprehensive.

Data Source Notes
  • There is at present [2002] no vaccine for CWD. (N8.18.w8)
  • "There is no known antibody response to the CWD agent." (J40.66.w1)
  • There are no vaccines for CWD. [2003](D146)

Other TSE Diseases

  • "At present [2002], vaccination is not an appropriate way of preventing any of the diseases in the scrapie family [TSE diseases]; there is no known protective immune response to infection, for a vaccine to enhance." (J64.11.w6)
  • Mice which are homozygous for prion protein (PrP) gene ablation (Prn-p0/0 mice) do show an immune response with production of antibodies following inoculation of purified infectious prions in Freund's adjuvant. It was presumed that this ability to respond was because the lack of PrPC expression by the cells of such mice prevents them from becoming immunotolerant to the protein. (J135.90.w1)
  • Recent work has produced antibodies binding selectively to the "prion protein repeat motif tyrosine-tyrosine-argenine", recognising the pathological but not the normal cellular isoform of PrP. It was suggested that this finding may lead to new therapeutics for the prion diseases as well as new diagnostic capabilities. (J242.9.w1)

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE):

  • There are no vaccines available [2002]. (W31.29Mar03.w4)


  • There are no vaccines for use against scrapie at present [1992]. (J64.11.w4)
  • There are no vaccines available [2002]. (W31.29Mar03.w5)
Technique Descriptions, if available
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Authors & Referees

Authors Dr Debra Bourne MA VetMB PhD MRCVS (V.w5)
Referee Suzanne I Boardman BVMS MRCVS (V.w6)

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