Spine Loss in Hedgehogs

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Summary Information
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Alternative Names
  • Baldness
Disease Agents
  • Probable vitamin or trace element deficiency. (B291.12.w12)

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Infectious Agent(s) Associated with:
Non-infectious Agent(s)
  • Trace element or vitamin deficiency, e.g. zinc (deficiency).
Physical Agent(s) --
General Description
  • Massive loss of spines may be seen, resulting in a partially or totally bald hedgehog. (B291.12.w12)
    • This must be distinguished from the normal loss of spines in juveniles as the adult spines grow in. (B291.12.w12)
  • Loss of hair and spines has been described associated with presumed zinc deficiency. (B151, B284.6.w6)
Further Information


  • An appropriate multivitamin/mineral supplement should be given orally for a period of two to four weeks. (B291.12.w12)
  • Supplementation with zinc and vitamins is suggested. (B151)
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