Elephant Foot Fly Infection

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Alternative Names
  • Elephant foot maggot infection

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Disease Agents Neocuterebra squamosa (B24, B214.3.7.w3, B384.7.w7, J377.13.w1)
Infectious Agent(s) Neocuterebra squamosa (Oestridae - (Family))
Non-infectious Agent(s) --
Physical Agent(s) --
General Description Loxodonta africana - African Elephant
  • The maggot is found in the sole of the foot of elephants. (B24, B214.3.7.w3, B384.7.w7, B387.w4, J377.13.w1)
    • Both second and third instar larvae are found "in the dermal tissue of the foot, in pockets with a narrow opening towards the crevices of the sole." (J377.13.w1)
Further Information Distribution:
  • West Africa. (B214.3.7.w3)
  • This fly is found only in Africa, in Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Uganda and Zaire. (B384.7.w7)
  • Found in southern Cameroon and in the Congo. (J377.13.w1)

[Note: In a book on African elephants it is stated that "an oestrid larva is known to parasitise the feet of Asiatic elephants kept in such conditions of captivity that they are constantly kept standing in ill-drained line or stalls. One has been unable to trace any reference to this type of occurrence in African elephants." [1971] (B453.7.w7)

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