Hypoderma bovis (Warble) Infection in Ferrets

Summary Information

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Alternative Names
  • Warble-fly infection
  • Myiasis

See also: Cuterebra (Warble) Infection in Lagomorphs

Disease Agents Hypoderma bovis - Warble fly larvae. (J42.64.w1)
Infectious Agent(s) --
Non-infectious Agent(s) --
Physical Agent(s) --
General Description
  • Masses on the neck. (B602.10.w10, J42.64.w1)


  • Cervical: Granulomatous masses and sinuses. (J42.64.w1)
Further Information
  • The larvae may be visible, moving. (B602.10.w10)
  • Carefully probe the breathing pore/fistula with mosquito forceps to find the larva and remove it, preferably intact (foreign body reaction and secondary infection may occur if part of the larva remains). (B602.10.w10, )
  • Thoroughly flush the wound, debride if necessary, and allow to granulate. (B602.10.w10, W759.Aug2011.w1)
  • Treat with local and if necessary systemic antibiotics for any secondary infection. (B602.10.w10)
Associated Techniques
Host taxa groups /species
Author Dr Debra Bourne MA VetMB PhD MRCVS (V.w5)

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