TT Virus Infection in Bonobos

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Disease Agents TT virus (TTV). A non-enveloped virus with a negative-stranded circular DNA genome, 3832 kb. TTV has been isolated from humans with various diseases and none. It has not been possible to show that it is responsible for any particular disease. (J223.80.w5)
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General Description
  • TT virus has been isolated from bonobos (and from chimpanzees) as well as from humans. (J223.80.w5)
  • Sera from four of six bonobos were PCR-positive for TT virus. Isolates from two bonobos showed 99% pairwise identity and clustered with human genotype 3 and two West African genotype 2 TT viruses, and showed only 45 - 62% nucleotide identity with TT viruses from Pan troglodytes. (J223.80.w5)
  • Note: there is no evidence of clinical disease associated with TT virus infection in bonobos. (J223.80.w5)
Further Information
  • TT virus can be transmitted parenterally. It is also excreted in faeces. The faeco-oral route may be the main route of transmission in chimpanzees and bonobos. (J223.80.w5)
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