Anser cygnoides domesticus - Chinese goose:

Summary Information
Kingdoms / Animalia / Craniata / Aves / Anseriformes / Anatidae / Anser / Species
Alternative Names
  • Brown Chinese goose
  • Grey Chinese goose
  • White Chinese goose
  • African goose
  • Domestic swan goose
  • Domestic goose (see also: Anser anser domesticus - Domestic goose)
Wild Type ("Parent") Species
Comparison with Wild Type Species The domestic forms are larger and heavier than the ancestral swan goose, with a more upright stance. The bill has shortened somewhat and the base has developed a knob. General colouring is similar to the wild type, except in the white variety (White Chinese goose), which has white plumage and an orange bill (B7, B25).
General Description Brown or Grey Chinese goose: Males 12 lbs., females 10lbs. Black bill with basal knob, larger in the male than in the female and a white line of feathers behind the bill; orange legs. Long neck and upright stance. Head and neck two-toned brown: dorsal head (above eyes) and dorsal neck dark brown, ventral head and neck pale fawn). Body has upperparts and flanks brown with buff feather edges, breast and abdomen pale brown, shading to white on lower abdomen and ventral region. Tail brown-grey with white edges. Wing grey-brown with dark grey-black primaries and secondaries (B7, B25, B26).

White Chinese goose. Similar size and shape to Brown Chinese goose, but with white plumage and an orange bill (B7).

African goose: Larger and heavier than the Chinese goose, less upright, with a thicker neck. The African goose has developed a large dewlap at the throat, and a pendulous abdomen, similar to the Toulouse goose variety of the other domestic goose, Anser anser domesticus - Domestic goose (B7).

Further Information

Domesticated for more than 2,000 years (B26).

Easily cross with Anser anser domesticus - Domestic goose, producing fertile hybrids (B7).

May be found worldwide, are kept extensively in Europe and North America and are more common in tropical climates than are the Anser anser domesticus - Domestic goose varieties (B7).

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