Living Organisms / Animalia / Craniata / Mammalia / Carnivora / Mustelidae / Genus:
Martes -

Species referenced within Wildpro

  • Martes americana - American marten
  • Martes flavigula - Yellow-throated marten
  • Martes foina - Beech marten
  • Martes gwatkinsii - Indian yellow-throated marten
  • Martes martes - Pine marten
  • Martes melampus - Japanese marten
  • Martes pennanti - Fisher
  • Martes zibellina - Sable
Genus Synonyms Charronia, Lamprogale, Mustela, Pekania, Zibellina (B141)


Primary Reference at the level of this taxa
B141 Don E. Wilson and DeeAnn M. Reeder
Mammal Species of the world - A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference (Second Edition)
Other References
B51 G B Corbett & J E Hill
A World List of Mammalian Species

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