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Sable rabbit

Photograph / Copyright The British Rabbit Council. Used with permission.

Oryctolagus cuniculus domesticus - Domestic rabbit



Alternative names:

  • Marter (The Netherlands)
  • Marder (Germany)
  • Zibeline (France)

Ring size: D (D374)


  • 2.26 - 3.17 kg (5 - 7 lb).(D374)
  • 2.5 - 3.5 kg. (B619.10.w10)

Additional Information:

  • This is a neat, cobby rabbit with small, neat erect ears. The fur is soft and very dense with extremely full, silky, dense underfur. Colours include Light, Medium and Dark Siamese Sable and Light, Medium and Dark Marten Sable. (D374)
  • These are lively and generally friendly rabbits, widely kept as pets. (B619.10.w10)