Equus ferus - Wild horse:

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This section is currently predominantly used in Wildpro to link different data types and demonstrate inter-relationships. Although it identifies that taxonomic interrelationships of species (see "header") it does not currently contain detailed information on the mammal species itself. As WILDPro is developed, we will gradually convert these pages into full Species pages.

The taxonomy of Mammals is still under review and the Mammal Species of the world  - A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference (Second Edition) by Don E. Wilson and DeeAnn M. Reeder (B141) has been chosen as the primary reference. The taxonomic structure will be amended when new editions or complete references are identified by the scientific world as the recognized primary references for taxonomy.

Alternative Names Ancestor of Equus caballus - Domestic horse. (B51)
  • Equus przewalskii (B51)
  • Przewalskii's horse

See Equus page for alternative genus names.

Alternative species names (the second part of the binomial species names): [Genus] gmelini, [Genus] gutsenensis, [Genus] hagenbecki, [Genus] przewalskii, [Genus] silvatica, [Genus] silvestris, [Genus] vulgaris, (B141)

Distribution "Mongolia, Sinkiang; (extinct in eastern Europe)". (B51)
"In classical antiquity, wild horses said to have ranged as far west as Spain; into the late 18th Centuary, from Poland and Russian Steppes east to Terkestan and Mongolia; wild population survived (at least until recently) in south-western Mongolia and adjacent Kansu, Sinkiang, and Inner Mongolia (China)".(B141)
Habitat Steppe, Savanna (B51)
Further Information IUCN Listing 1991 - (B51): Ex ?
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