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Living Organisms / Animalia / Mandulibulata / Hexapoda / Diptera / Culicidae / Genus:

Species List
(Full list of all species in this genera is not yet available)

  • Coquillettidia fuscopennata (B502)
    • Chikungunya virus, Rift Valley Fever, Sindbis virus (B502)
  • Coquillettidia metallica (B502)
  • Coquillettidia microannulata (P33.3.w1)
    • West Nile Fever (P33.3.w1)
  • Coquillettidia perturbans - Irritating mosquito (D70, B502, J86.55.w1)
    • Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Tensaw virus (B502)
  • Coquillettidia richiardii (B502)
    • Tahyna virus (B502) West Nile virus (J84.5.w2)
Alternative Genus names Formerly Mansonia

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General and References

General Information

  • Closely related to the genus Mansonia. (D70)
  • Vicious biters in many areas. (D70)
  • 1 species is recognised in North America, north of Mexico. (D70)


D70, B24, B73, B79, B114, B502, P33.3.w1

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