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Species List
(Full list of all species in this genera is not yet available)

The core reference from which Wildpro's taxonomic structure for Mosquitoes was been built is B502. However, in this text all species currently assigned to the genus Ochlerotatus were assigned to the Aedes genus. It is understood by the author that the subgenera Abraedes, Aztecaedes, Chaetocrucimyia, Finlaya, Geoskusea, Gymnometopa, Halaedes, Howardina, Kenknightia, Kompia, Levua, Macleaya, Molpemyia, Mucidus, Nothoskusea, Protomacleaya, Pseudoskusea, Rhinoskusea, Rusticoidus, and Zavortinkius have all been reassigned from Aedes to Ochlerotatus, and the names within Wildpro have been reassigned accordingly. However, it is recommended that users independently check the currently accepted scientific naming for any Aedes or Ochlerotatus species. V.w6

  • Aedes africanus - (B502)
    • Chikungunya virus, Rift Valley Fever, Yellow Fever, Zika virus - (B502) West Nile virus (J84.5.w2)
  • Aedes aegypti - Yellow fever mosquito (B24, B502, D70)
    • Chikungunya virus, Dengue Fever (1,2,3,4,5,6), Yellow Fever, Zika virus - (B502), West Nile virus (J11.52.w1, J84.5.w2, J91.48.w1, J91.34.w1, J95.69.w1, J124.141.w1, B241.49.w49), Urban yellow fever, Dengue. (D70)
  • Aedes albopictus - Asian tiger mosquito (D70)
  • Aedes butleri complex - (B502)
    • Bebaru virus - (B502)
  • Aedes circumluteolus - (B502)
    • Banyamwera virus, Middelburg virus, Ndumu virus, Pongola virus, Rift Valley Fever, Simbu virus, Sindbis virus, Spondweni virus, Wesselsbron virus - (B502) West Nile virus (J84.5.w2, J95.69.w1, J124.141.w1, P33.3.w1)
  • Aedes cinereus - a "small woodland" mosquito (D70)
    • Buyyamwera group viruses, California group viruses - (B502)
  • Aedes cumminsi - (B502)
    • Middelburg virus, Sindbis virus, Spondweni virus - (B502)
  • Aedes curtipes - (B502)
    • Bunyamwera group virus, Japanese B virus - (B502)
  • Aedes lineatopennis - (B502)
    • Tembusa virus - (B502)
  • Aedes pembaensis - (B502)
    • Bunyamwera group virus, Lumbo virus - (B502)
  • Aedes polynesiansis - (B502)
    • Wuchereria bancrofti, Dengue (3) virus - (B502)
  • Aedes pseudoscutellaris - (B502)
    • Wuchereria bancrofti - (B502)
  • Aedes scuttellaris - (B502)
    • Dengue (2) virus, Lumbo virus - (B502)
  • Aedes tabu - (B502)
    • Wuchereria bancrofti - (B502)
  • Aedes upolensis - (B502)
    • Wuchereria bancrofti - (B502)
  • Aedes vexans - Inland floodwater mosquito (B502, D70)
    • Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Japanese B virus, Sagiyama virus, Tahyna virus, Trivittatus virus, Western Equine Encephalitis - (B502) West Nile virus (J22.286.w1, J84.5.w2, J84.7.w7, J84.7.w15, J84.7.w21, J116.5.w1)
Alternative Genus names
  • Aedimorphus, Cancraedes, Neomelaniconion, Skusea, Stegomyia, Verrallina - (B502, V.w6 [see Note at top of this box])

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General and References

General Information

  • This genus contains more than 500 species worldwide, distributed from the polar regions to the tropics. (D70)
  • Almost 50% of all North American mosquitoes belong to this genus, which includes many of the major pest species as well as important disease vectors. (D70)
  • In general the Aedes mosquitoes become more important as one goes from the tropics northwards; they can be present in astronomical numbers in Canada and Alaska. (D70)
  • 70 species and subspecies are recognised in North America, north of Mexico. (D70)


D70, B24, B73, B79, B114, B241.49.w49, B502, J84.5.w2, J88.42.w1, J91.5.w1, J91.48.w1, J122.53.w1, J124.141.w1

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