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Species referenced within Wildpro

Parasitic Species specifically affecting Waterfowl
  • Echinochasmus beleocephalus (B91)
  • Echinochasmus coaxatus (B91)
  • Echinochasmus dietzevi (B91)
  • Echinochasmus japonicus (B91)
  • Echinochasmus mergi (B91)
  • Echinochasmus milvi (B91)
  • Echinochasmus mirus (B91)
  • Echinochasmus mordax (B91)


Primary References at the level of this taxa
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B79 Lynn Margulis and Karlene V Schwartz
Five Kingdoms - An Illustrated Guide to the Phyla of Life on Earth, 3rd Edition
B78 Tibor Kassai
Veterinary Helminthology
B91 Malcolm E McDonald
Catalogue of Helminths of Waterfowl (Anatidae)
B73 Eleanor Lawrence
Henderson's Dictionary of Biological Terms, 11th Edition

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