Microsporum gallinae:

Summary Information
Taxonomic Classification Living Organisms / Mycetae - Fungi / Ascomycota / Microsporum / Species:

(Classification of fungal species is an evolving discipline. The information in Wildpro has been carefully referenced to the source material, as far as possible. Readers requiring further clarification should consult the source materials and more recent publications. Classification information in Wildpro will be altered when clear and scientifically endorsed new information regarding taxonomic divisions becomes available to us.

This section is currently predominantly used in Wildpro to link different data types and demonstrate inter-relationships. It does not contain detailed information on the fungal species itself.)

Alternative Names Trichophyton gallinae, Achorion gallinae (B47)

Perfect State: (unclear) (unclear)

Systems affected Skin. (Generally un-feathered portions in Birds). (B88)
Notes More detailed information for fungi on general characteristics is available at genus level (Microsporum)

Distributed through Europe, North and South America. Affects birds (chickens and turkeys), has been recorded causing disease in waterfowl and has been noted to affect humans. (B88) (B47) (B13) (B36)

Associated Waterfowl Diseases Favus (Fowl favus, Avian ringworm, White comb, Trichophyton gallinae infection, Microsporum gallinae infection) Waterfowl Disease Summary Focal facial dermatitis, with fungal hyphae identified (J3.130.w2)
Waterfowl in which the DISEASE has been recorded (NOT necessarily this specific organism)

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