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Morphology and Staining
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Morphology and Staining

Shape Large rods. (B75)
Staining "Usually Gram-positive at least in the very early stages of growth, although in some species Gram-positive cells have not been seen." (B75)
Size "0.3-1.3 micrometre diameter." (B75)
"3-10 micrometre length." (B75)
Spore formation "Form oval or spherical endospores that usually distend the cell." (B75)
Motility "Motile or non-motile. When motile, cells are usually peritrichous" (B75)
Growth Temperature "For most species, growth is most rapid between 30-37C, with the range of temperature for optimum growth being 15-69C" (B75)
Metabolism Most species are obligate anaerobes. "Tolerance to oxygen varies widely; some species growing but not sporulating in the presence of air at atmospheric pressure." (B75)
Notes "Clostridia are ubiquitous. Commonly found in soil sewage, marine sediments, decaying vegetation, animal and plant products; in the intestinal tract of man, other vertebrates and insects; and in wounds of soft tissue infections of man and animals." (B75)

"Pathogenic species produce one or more exotoxins." (B88)

"Vegetative clostridia are as susceptible to environmental stresses and disinfectants as other bacteria. Endospores impart resistance to drying, heat, irradiation and disinfectants. (B88)

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Genera "Type Species"

  • Clostridium butyricum (B75)

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Primary References at the level of this taxa

Genus Author

Suzanne Boardman
B47 John F Timoney, James H Gillespie, Fredric W Scott, Jeffrey E Barlough
Hagan and Bruner's Microbiology and Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals - Eight Edition
B88 Dwight C Hirsh and Yuan Chuang Zee
Veterinary Microbiology
B21 P J Quinn, M E Carter, B Markey, G R Carter
Clinical Veterinary Microbiology
B75 Noel R Krieg and John G Holt
Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology - Volume 2

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