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Pasteurella multocida

Summary Information

Morphology, Staining and Metabolism information at genera level (Pasteurella)

(Classification of bacterial species is an evolving discipline. The information in Wildpro has been carefully referenced to the source material, as far as possible. Readers requiring further clarification should consult the source materials and more recent publications. Classification information in Wildpro will be altered when clear and scientifically endorsed new information regarding taxonomic divisions becomes available to us.

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Common synonyms Pasteurella gallicida, Bacterium multocidum
Notes Pasteurella spp. are normally commensal / parasitic on the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory and digestive tracts of mammals (rarely man) and birds. (B74) (B47) Pasteurella multocida not usually carried by healthy birds and its presence is usually associated with acute / chronic disease. (B47)

Three subspecies P.m. multocida, P.M. septica, P.m. gallicida and various serotypes. are associated with this disease. Capsular antigens A,B,D,E,F and somatic antigens 1-16 recognized. Mainly capsular antigen type A in birds and mostly somatic type antigen 1 reported in waterfowl, but also types 3 and 4 in the Atlantic flyway and 3, 4 and 12 in eiders Somateria mollissima in Maine (J1.19.w8, J1.26.w3, B15).

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Associated Diseases linked in Wildpro

Highly pathogenic for mice and rabbits rapidly producing fatal septicaemia and "snuffles". (B74) Causal agent of Haemorrhagic Septicaemia of cattle, buffalo, goats and sheep. (B47) (B88) An important secondary invader of pneumonic lesions in cattle cheep, swine and goats, it is associated with the disease syndrome "Shipping Fever - Pasteurellosis". (B47) (B88)
Associated Waterfowl Diseases Avian Cholera (Fowl Cholera, Avian Pasteurellosis, Avian Haemorrhagic Septicemia, Pasteurella multocida Infection.) Waterfowl Disease Summary An acute septicaemic disease which causes large die-offs of waterfowl each year in North America.
Waterfowl in which the disease has been recorded.
Salpingitis (Oviduct Infection, Oviduct Inflammation) Waterfowl Disease Summary Inflammation of the oviduct, usually associated with infection, sometimes with associated peritonitis.
Waterfowl in which the disease has been recorded. Domestic ducks and domestic geese

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Antibiotic Use and Resistance

Multiple drug resistance has been reported and selection of antimicrobials for treatment or prevention should be based on culture and sensitivity tests. The following list refers only to "most" strains. (B74) (B47)
Listed Antibiotics recorded as having efficacy
  • Penicillin (B74) (B47)
  • Penicillin G (B88)
  • Ampicillin (B47)
  • Tetracyclines (B74) (B47) (B88)
  • Chloramphenicol (B74) (B47)
  • Novobiocin (B74)
  • Erythromycin (B74)
  • Neomycin (B74)
  • Polymyxin (B74)
  • Gentamycin (B74) (B47)
  • Sulfonamides (B74) (B47) (B88)
  • Cephalothin (B47)
  • Nitrofurans (B47)
  • Kanamycin (B47)
  • Streptomycin (B47)
  • Trimethoprim (B47)
  • Tylosin (B47)
  • Spiramycin (B47)
  • Spectinomycin (B47)
  • Ceftiofur (B88)
  • Tilmicosin (B88)
  • Florfenicol (B88)
  • Quinolones (B88)
Listed Antibiotics recorded as RESISTANCE
  • Aminoglycosides (many Pasteurella spp. show resistance) (B88)
  • Sulfonamides (Plasmid-based resistance of some strains has been noted) (B21)

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References for Bacterial Species

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