< >  Living Organisms / Animalia / Phylum - Division:
Crustaceans and Pentastomes:


  • Pentastomida - Pentastomes
  • Branchiopoda - Water Fleas
  • Branchiura - Fish Lice
  • Cephalocarida - Minute crustacea, horseshoe-shaped carapace
  • Cirripedia - Barnacles
  • Copepoda - Copepods, minute crustacea, no carapace
  • Malacostraca - Wood-lice, crabs, lobster etc.
  • Mystacocarida - Minute crustacea, no carapace, no clear body divisions
  • Ostracoda - Small, aquatic, valved carapace
  • Remipedia -
  • and others
  • Two pairs of antennae
  • minimum five pairs of legs
  • If body segments are grouped - they are in two segments only (e.g. shrimps and lobsters)
  • Respiration is never by trachae



Primary References at the level of this taxa
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