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Genera mentioned in Wildpro
(Full list of all genera in this family is not yet available)

Subfamily: ANOPHELINAE (B507)

Subfamily: CULICINAE (B507)

The core reference from which Wildpro's taxonomic structure for Mosquitoes was been built is B502 except for Coquillettidia and Haemagogus which are referenced from later texts e.g. D70. However, in B502 all species currently assigned to the genus Ochlerotatus were assigned to the Aedes genus. It is understood by the author that the subgenera Abraedes, Aztecaedes, Chaetocrucimyia, Finlaya, Geoskusea, Gymnometopa, Halaedes, Howardina, Kenknightia, Kompia, Levua, Macleaya, Molpemyia, Mucidus, Nothoskusea, Protomacleaya, Pseudoskusea, Rhinoskusea, Rusticoidus, and Zavortinkius have all been reassigned from Aedes to Ochlerotatus, and the names within Wildpro have been reassigned accordingly. However, it is recommended that users independently check the currently accepted scientific naming for any Aedes or Ochlerotatus species. V.w6


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General Features and Associated Diseases

  • General Features
    • Small, slender-bodied, long-legged insects.
  • Features distinguishing Culicidae from similar species:
    • long 14-15 segmented antennae
    • elongate proboscis
    • fringes of scales on wing veins and margins

(D70, B504)


    • The feeding behaviour of the female adult Culicidae - Mosquitoes (Family) may cause great nuisance to their host species and bites can be painful and may become secondarily infected. (B24, B46, V.w6, B504)
    • Under exceptional circumstances (simultaneous emergence of large swarms of adult Culicidae - Mosquitoes (Family)) the blood loss caused by the attack can cause death of the animals through blood loss (cattle attacked by Aedes sollicitans mosquitoes after Hurricane Allen in Texas). (B504)
  • LIST OF COMMON DISEASES where Mosquitoes have been recorded as vectors (list not yet complete)
    • Rift Valley Fever. (B24)
    • West Nile virus. (B502)
    • Yellow Fever. (B24, B46, B503, B504)
    • St. Louis Encephalitis. (B24)
    • Japanese B Encephalitis. (B24)
    • Dengue Fever. (B24, B503, B504)
    • La Crosse Encephalitis. (B24)
    • Eastern Equine Encephalitis (B504)
    • Western Equine Encephalitis (B504)
    • Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis. (B46, B504)
    • Malaria in Mammals. (B24, B46, B503)
    • Avian Malaria (B504)
    • Borelliosis. ()
    • Microfiliarial Infection in Birds. (B24)
    • Trypanosomiasis in Birds. ()
    • Filariasis (Wuchereria bancrofti). (B24, B46, B503, B504)
    • Filariasis (Brugia malayi). (B24, B46, B504)
    • Dirofilaria immitus Infection. (B24, B46, B504)
    • Fowl pox (B504)
    • Rabbit myxomatosis (B504)
  • Apart from mechanical transmission, Culicidae - Mosquitoes (Family) species are vectors of three main groups of human pathogens:
  • Many viruses and parasites may infect Culicidae - Mosquitoes (Family) species through the females feeding on blood. Through the mosquito feeding on another host which then becomes a vector, these organisms can then spread and infect other host species. (B24)
  • The arboviruses (Flaviviridae (Virus Family) (Arbovirus group B) and Togaviridae (Virus Family) (Arbovirus group A) are typically spread by haematophagus (blood-dependent) insects (often mosquitoes or ticks, vector species depends on virus type). (B24)
  • Males infected transovarially with virus (e.g. La Crosse Encephalitis virus) may sometimes infect females venereally by male accessory sex gland fluid. (B24)

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