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  • Overall appearance
    • Typically small and relatively delicate. (B504)
  • Adult Head
    • Long, many-segmented antennae; individual segments are similar to each other, like "beads on a string". (B502, B504)
    • Antennae never bears a style or arista (bristle borne on antennae of some flies B73). (B502)
    • Palpi are usually four or five segmented. (B502)
  • Larval Head
    • Well-developed heads. (B502)
    • Opposable mandibles. (B502)
  • Habitat
    • Generally breed in aquatic or semi-aquatic environments and larvae have appendages for breathing, swimming and gathering food in the water. (B504)
  • Feeding
    • Only females feed on blood. (B504)
    • Males feed mainly on nectar. (B504)
  • Tabanidae - Horse flies, Clegs, Deer-flies etc.
  • Rhagionidae - Snipe flies
  • Overall appearance
    • Many species are large and conspicuous. (B502)
  • Adult Head
    • Some species have a "beak". (B502)
    • Antennae are shorter than the thorax. (B502)
    • Antennae in three segments; the terminal segment has a terminal style or arista (bristle borne on antennae of some flies B73). (B502)
    • Palpi have one or two segments and project forwards. (B502)
  • Larval Head
    • Incomplete head which is usually retractile. (B502)
    • Mandibles bite vertically. (B502)
  • Overall appearance
    • Large group of flies with variable general appearance. (B502)
  • Adult Head
    • Three-segmented antennae with style or arista (bristle borne on antennae of some flies B73) carried dorsally on the last segment. (B502)
    • Palpi have a single segment. (B502)
  • Larval Head
    • Larvae are headless maggots
    • Sclerotized mouth hooks work side by side in a vertical plane. (B502)
  • Larval Development
    • Pupa formed within last larval skin. This is sloughed from the pupa without being discarded and forms the hard outer case of the pupa (the puparium). (B502)

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