< > B258 - Hedgehogs

Author(s) /Editors Konrad Herter
Publisher Phoenix House Publications, London
Year 1966

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B258.w1 Introduction Konrad Herter 1
B258.w2 Physical Characteristics Konrad Herter 1-8
B258.w3 Classification, Specific History and Geographical Distribution Konrad Herter 9-22
B258.w4 The Habitat of Hedgehogs Konrad Herter 23-27
B258.w5 Activity, Body temperature and Hibernation Konrad Herter 28-38
B258.w6 Food and Hunting Konrad Herter 39-46
B258.w7 Reproduction Konrad Herter 47-55
B258.w8 Physiology of the Senses, and Psychology Konrad Herter 56-63
B258.w9 Natural Enemies, Parasites and Diseases Konrad Herter 64-65
B258.w10 Significance of the Hedgehog in the Human Economy Konrad Herter 66-67

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