< > B260 - The Hedgehog

Author(s) /Editors P.A. Morris
Publisher Shire Natural History Series: Mammals 32
Year 1997
ISBN 0-85263-958-9

Specific Chapter/Section References

Reference Chapter/Section Title Chapter/Section Author Page nos.
B260.1.w1 Introduction and description P.A. Morris 2-3
B260.2.w2 Behaviour P.A. Morris 4-6
B260.3.w3 Home range and movements P.A. Morris 7-9
B260.4.w4 Food P.A. Morris 10-13
B260.5.w5 Hibernation and the yearly cycle P.A. Morris 14
B260.6.w6 Breeding P.A. Morris 15-18
B260.7.w7 Survival and predation P.A. Morris 19-21
B260.8.w8 Parasites and disease P.A. Morris 22
B260.9.w9 Hedgehogs and man P.A. Morris 23

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