< > J209 - New Zealand Journal of Ecology 

Organisation New Zealand Ecological Society
Publisher New Zealand Ecological Society, Christchurch, New Zealand 1978-
ISSN 01106465

Specific Chapter/Section References

Ref. Year Authors Title Vol. Pages
J209.20.w1 1996 King, M., Innes, J.G., Flux, M., Kimberley, M.O., Leathwick, J.R. & Williams, D.S. Distribution and abundance of small mammals in relation to habitat in Pureora Forest Park 20 215-240
J209.21.w1 1997 Alterio, N. & Moller, H. Daily activity of stoats (Mustela erminea), feral ferrets (Mustela furo) and feral house cats (Felis catus) in coastal grassland, Otago Peninsula, New Zealand 21 89-95
J209.22.w1 1998 Norbury, G.L., Norbury, D.C. & Heyward, R.P. Space use and denning behaviour of wild ferrets (Mustela furo) and cats (Felis catus) 22 149-159
J209.22.w2 1998 Ragg, J.R. Intraspecific and seasonal differences in the diet of feral ferrets (Mustela furo) in a pastoral habitat, east Otago, New Zealand. 22 113-119
J209.24.w1 2000 Ragg, J.R. & Moller, H. Microhabitat selection by feral ferrets (Mustela furo) in a pastoral habitat, East Otago, New Zealand 24 39-46
J209.25.w1 2001 Caley, P. & Morriss, G. Summer/autumn movements, mortality rates and density of feral ferrets (Mustela furo) at a farmland site in North Canterbury, New Zealand 25 53-60

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