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Britain’s Mammals: Introducing the Species
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Britain's Mammals: 
Introducing the species

This account is based on the full text published by Macdonald, D.W. and Tattersall, F.T. (2001) Britain's Mammals - The Challenge for Conservation, which can be purchased via www.wildcru.org. Additional relevant information can be found in Collins' Field Guide to Mammals of Britain & Europe by Macdonald & Barrett, and in David Macdonald's New Encyclopaedia of Mammals, published in 2001 by Oxford University Press.

Britain's Mammals - The Challenge for Conservation was commissioned by the People's Trust for Endangered Species for the launch of Mammals Trust UK and written by David Macdonald and Fran Tattersall of WildCRU. A summary is available on the Mammals Trust UK and the WildCRU Websites and copies of the book may be ordered from Mammals Trust UK, WildCRU and People's Trust for Endangered Species. Updates for 2002 and 2003 are also available from these organisations.

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